2018 BBQ Competitor’s Entry Form for BBQ Cook-off

  • 2018 Clayton BBQ Cook-off
    a KCBS “Master Series” event
    Sponsored by the CBCA

  • Competitor’s Entry Form

  • Backyard: Amateur competitors and first time BBQ’ers. Backyard Teams are eligible to participate in the People’s Choice Competition. (See People’s Choice Guidelines). Space size is 10’ x 10’. Entry Fee: $125.00. Cleaning Deposit: $25.00 (Separate check made out to CBCA). This check will be returned if your site is free of ashes, grease, recyclables & trash).
  • KCBS ‘Pro’ Teams:
    Also eligible to compete in People’s Choice competition
    ** First Come Rule.

  • This is a Kansas City Barbeque Society sanctioned event. We will use the KCBS guidelines for the competition rules and Judging.
    Backyard teams will be cooking 2 meats (chicken & ribs) and will check-in on Saturday July 14, 2018. Backyard Teams turn-in boxes will be judged by KCBS Certified BBQ Judges (CBJ’s) at the same time and location as the KCBS ‘Pro’ teams. Backyard teams are eligible to participate in the People’s Choice competition, which will be judged by the attending public. A separate Entry form is required for People’s Choice competitors. People’s Choice winners (top 3) will be announced at the Awards Announcements.
    KCBS teams will be cooking all 4 BBQ meats (chicken, ribs, pork shoulder & brisket) and submitting them for turn-in within the guidelines of a KCBS competition. KCBS Teams are also eligible to compete in the People’s choice competition. (See People’s Choice Guidelines).
    Meat Inspection: at time of check-in (or soon thereafter). All meats must be in original packaging or wrapped with clear wrapping, Ziplocs, or vacuum sealed packaging. No rubs, marinades, injections or other changes to meats are allowed, prior to inspection. Exception: On Saturday July 14th, Backyard competitors can have their People’s Choice ribs pre-worked. They MUST be stored in separate cooler from competition products.
    Backyard teams: St. Louis style Ribs & chicken. KCBS teams: St. Louis style ribs, chicken, pork shoulder (butt) and brisket. Your choice of chicken parts, but must have a minimum of 6 servings in the standard 9” x 9” turn-in containers, provided by KCBS Reps.
    Backyard teams: Saturday July 14. Times will be announced at later time.KCBS teams: Friday July 13. Times will be announced at later time.
    Parking: We ask that you unload your equipment in a timely manner, respect the space of your neighbors, and relocate your vehicle to the competitors parking area as soon as possible.
    Electricity: We have VERY limited access to electric power. We ask that you provide you own power with a portable generator if you are able. Again, due to our restrictions, we will offer power on a “First come” basis and there is a fee of $50.00 for the event.Arrangements MUST be made at the time of your entry submittal.
    Additional details on all of these matters and more will be sent out 2 weeks prior to the competition.
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