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Volunteerism is the heart and sole and the CBCA. Please volunteer now if you can. Clayton Needs You !
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    Every monetary donation made by CBCA is expressly conditioned on the donee making a commitment to providing volunteers for our annual Art & Wine Festival (in May) and Oktoberfest (in September/October). These events, and all other CBCA events, are organized and staffed solely by volunteers and are the source of the club’s funding that is donated to local schools, projects, and groups such as yours.
    CBCA major fundraisers are Art & Wine and Oktoberfest which require more than 250 volunteers. By signing this donation request, you are also making a commitment, should the request be granted, to provide volunteers for various events. In addition to acknowledging this commitment by signing below, please provide us with the name and contact information of the person(s) whom we may contact to coordinate the recruitment of volunteers.
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